Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)

Our resident Collector Con DMs and are ready to return to face-to-face events, guiding you through a D&D adventure with up to 5 other players.

Whether you are a seasoned player, or this is your first time, you are welcome to participate. Characters will be generated by DMs so players are all on the same level (1-5). 

Date: Sunday 29 May 2022
Time: Select from an all day (9.30am-2.30pm), morning (9.30am – 12noon) OR afternoon (12.30pm – 3.00pm) session.
Location: Western Suburbs Leagues Club, 10 Old Leumeah Road, Leumeah
Registration: If you would like to play a D&D adventure, pre-purchase your entry tickets to Collector Con.

Our DMs are currently prepping the adventures. Where will you be transported to? An archaeological dig site, a tower to recover lost inheritance, a festival, or a classic dungeon…time will tell… 

29th of May Adventures

Our DMs have provided details of the adventures they will be bringing to Collector Con:

SessionAdventureCharacter LevelAge Level
All Day 9.30am – 2.30pmDM Thea presents…There have been strange rumours going around town about the newest inhabitants of the mansion in the centre of town. It’s been abandoned for years, but recently there have been strange noises and lights seen at night. The town council are seeking volunteers to find out who, or what, has taken up residence, and if it means the town harm, to get rid of it. Level 5 character pre-gens will be provided.All ages (parental discretion)
Morning or afternoon DM Ian presents Dungeon Heist. Years of training and support from your mentors have seen you and your talented team of warriors hired at last by the great patron Mirt the Old Wolf! The goal is clear: you have just two hours to dive into the legendary dungeon of Undermountain, work your way past monsters and hazards, and collect what clues you can to claim and escape with powerful magical treasures from below. Rewards of fame, fortune and missions for your great mentor are yours if you succeed, but will you make it out in time – and alive?Levels 2 character pre-gens will be provided.All ages (parental discretion)
Morning or afternoon DM Steven presents Rats of Rothsea. Rothsea has a rat problem. For the last few weeks, swarms of vicious rats, and giant ones as big as dogs, have chewed their way through their supplies. Even the Vermincatcher’s Guild seem powerless to help, and all points towards an old trawler that grounded on the nearby beach. Only the joyful songs of Erwin Jest, a bard newly arrived to the village, and the stout heart of Torven the Barkeep have managed to keep the villagers from sinking into despair.Level 1 character pre-gens will be provided. 15+ (parental discretion – some horror themes)


Feeling the love from our major D&D sponsors Wizards of the Coast and Let’s Play Games, in addition to our D&D sponsors Meeples & Dragons, Roll with Advantage and From the Deep Games.

Feedback from our players

Our resident DMs are experienced in the art of storytelling, are enthusiastic in the adventures they run and are also really good at improv, because as much as one can prepare an adventure, there is always a surprise, or two, that awaits! But you don’t need to believe us, here is what players are saying about our resident DMs.

Our resident DMs


The very first set of dice I owed came with the DnD Basic set and you had to colour in the numbers with a crayon. Since those heady primary school days I’ve played and DM’d on and off my whole life, although completely skipping 4th edition (oops). Digital DnD has let me expand my empire…. I mean, enjoy sharing this game with even more enthusiasts all over the world. I like to think of myself as a storyteller more than anything else, and DnD is a path to building collaborative stories with so many amazing people.

DM style: A mix of role play, combat, puzzles and above all storytelling.
Advice for New DnD Players: Ask questions, experiment, play. Everyone should be there to have fun and support each other. If a group doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t play the kind of game you want to, it’s ok to tell them and if you have to leave and find a new group, that’s ok too.
Find me at: Collector Con, Hall of Heroes Campbeltown, online (I AM in the computer!), Campbelltown Library DnD, and streaming on Twitch!


I’ve played and DM’d role-playing games for over 30 years. I’m a theatre-maker and educator for 20 of those years, now blessed to be working in my home town Penrith at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. I’ve enjoyed experiences with all 5 editions of D&D and have played / ran a bunch of other rig’s in that time. I recently established Role Play Experience to run RPG’s and workshops for friendship groups and organisations, in order to develop creativity, build collaboration skills and create memorable experiences in the community.

DM style: Structured multi-path storyline encouraging player driven storytelling choices & improv, RP & teamwork important, mix with combat and explore based on the style of game.
Advice for New DnD players: Dive in and learn through play – be creative, ask questions, try things. A great group will guide you and help you learn the rules as you go.
Find me at: CollectorCon, Penrith Library games (ages 12-16), Role Play Experience games / workshops and on Facebook at Role Play Experience.


I was a complete nerd in the 80s, a shy teen who discovered I could escape the real world within the game of Dungeons and Dragons. I have played all editions of the game except fourth edition. During my life I have backpacked the world, trained as an actor and singer, run a small film production business, worked in numerous jobs, sometimes four at a time, become a Justice of the Peace, wrote a film script, and now fight my disabilities whilst writing a fantasy novel. All that life experience and training goes into DMing my D&D games in a way that is hopefully fun for all involved.

DM style: Some structure, lots of Improv
Advice for new players: Don’t worry so much about the rules, we will let you know those. just have fun
Find me at: at the D&D Overlord desk at Collector Con events and in the D&D NSW Facebook group.

2022 Events:

We kicked off 2022 at Penrith and we were all excited to return to face-to-face! We had 9 tables of D&D running throughout the day.

Our next event is in Campbelltown on
Sunday 29 May 2022