Dungeons and Dragons

Our DMs are excited for Collector Con Penrith, 28 March 2021

Our resident DMs, will take you on a campaign of D&D. Whether you are a seasoned player or this is your first time, you are welcome to participate.

Campaign Info

Collector Con is open from 9.00am until 3.00pm. D&D campaigns will be running from 9.30am-12.00noon and then 12.30pm-3.00pm. If you register for the morning session you will then have access to Collector Con trading zone in the afternoon (or vice versa).

To get the campaign off to a quick start, characters will be pre-generated by the DMs.

In maintaining a Covid-SAFE event, we ask players to bring their own dice, pencils, eraser and sharpener. If you do not have these items, player starter packs will be available for sale at Collector Con. The player starter packs are $9 each and include a 7 piece polyhedral dice set, a dice bag, pencils, eraser, sharpener and character sheets. When you book your tickets, you are able to indicate if you would like to purchase a starter set at the event and we will hold one for you.

You are able to include non-player entry when you pre-purchase your tickets. For example, you may want to bring a friend, partner, parent/guardian with you. Note: Persons aged 12years and younger must be supervised by a parent/guardian at Collector Con. To add non-player entry tickets, when you book, select ‘Tickets’ and the adventure list will appear. Scroll to the bottom to add a non-player ticket to Collector Con.

The Campaigns

Campaign NameTimeDMAgeDescription
Behind the Masquerade12.30pmKeithAll agesMy lords and ladies, You are cordially invited to attend La Grande Masquerade held by His lordship Viscount de Léon. Spend an evening in the opulent and luxurious marble halls of the Diplomats Mansion in the Royal Palace Complex. The Masquerade will be held from dusk till dawn with Music, dancing and a great feast. Come mingle with the aristocracy of the Grand Theocracy of Pessha in the Golden City of Al-Hazzard. Behind the Masquerade takes place in a world of my own design. A steampunk setting with a resemblance to the mid 1800s set on a fantastical reimagining of the Asian continent.
Meet Belladonna – the bin chicken9.30am or
Johnny18+An adventuring party after a long period of time ended up with more loot they could carry. So they decide to bury it in a grotto inhabited by water birds in the outback. Unfortunately for them one of the residents scavengers found a most unfortunate item. Armed with a headband of intellect and a stash of other gear for the taking, Belladonna the bin chicken began to study abandoned spell books becoming an extremely powerful mage. Now she sets her sights on conquest of the rest of the Outback.
On the trail we blaze9.30am or
CharmaineAll agesThe seemingly never-ending storm has finally left the small town of Orlbar, yet merchants from Loudwater have not returned to trade. Rumours have been spreading amongst the people of Orlbar that trappers have been going missing and caravans are being attacked. Upset that business has been brought back to a standstill, Sala Pritina, owner of Sala’s, has contracted Adventurers to figure out what is happening.
Prison of the Hated Pretender12.30pmJPAll agesAn introductory dungeon-crawl ‘teaching players the lessons of caution and retreat crucial to a long and successful adventuring life’.
Sharkfin Shipwreck12.30pmIan18+Pray to Umberlee for mercy, or pray to Tempus for strength—you will need all the help you can get on the unrelenting waves. Sharkfin Shipwreck, a 3rd level exploration and skill challenge encounter that pits the characters against the tempestuous power of nature itself, adapted with a twist from the D&D 5E Ghosts of Saltmarsh scenario by James Haeck.
The call of the underworld9.30amKeithAll agesThis one shot Scenario for D&D will incorporate a roleplay driven scenario with a bigger focus on combat allowing players to test their might and magic against the denizens of the night amid the backdrop of an abandoned (and some would say, haunted) asylum where dark secrets among more terrifying entities lurk in the shadows. The local town has had a strange spat of disappearances of late and the townsfolk
are beginning to suspect the asylum is somehow involved, along with a pale woman with blood-red lips in
an exquisite black kimono. Call of the Underworld takes place in a world of my own design. A steampunk setting with a resemblance to the mid 1800s set on a fantastical reimagining of the Asian continent.
The Professor has a problem9.30am or
Thea18+The party has been asked to assist a professor with a problem at a local archeological site. There are potentially cultists disrupting the work, along with mysterious artefacts and students acting strangely. A mix of RP, puzzles and combat encounters.
Wild in the Streets9.30amIanAll agesIt’s festival day in the tiny hamlet of Stonecross – and a carnival beast is on the loose! Can your clever young adventurers help bring harmony back to the day? A 1st level introductory D&D 5E scenario, adapted from a Dungeon magazine game by Jason Peck.
Wheel of Evil9.30amJPAll agesThe human town of Renneton recruits the PCs to drive kobolds out of the town’s important cheese-aging caves, but things underground are seldom what they seem.
World of O’Fren9.30am and 12.30pmIlyaAll agesA group of adventurers are hired by a wealthy family to venture into the cold domains of the Rhoke Dominion and find an ancient relic of unknown origins

Book the campaign you want to do when you pre-purchase your entry tickets for Collector Con

Entry tickets are $8, plus $1.53 booking fee. Your ticket gives you access to the D&D adventure you register for, plus access to Collector Con. At our 28th of March event, there will be 170 trading tables, community groups including the Star Walking team, plus activities for example Build your Own Minifig, wrestling exhibitions and cosplay competitions.