Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)

Our resident Collector Con DMs are ready to return to Campbelltown on the 18th of September. DMs will guide you through a D&D adventure with up to 5 other players.

Whether you are a seasoned player, or this is your first time, you are welcome to participate. Characters will be generated by DMs so players are all on the same level (1-5). 

Date: Sunday, 18 September 2022.
Time: Select from an all day (9.30am-2.30pm), morning (9.30am – 12noon) OR afternoon (12.30pm – 3.00pm) session.
Location: Minto Sports Stadium, 9 Redfern Road, Minto.

Our DMs are currently prepping the adventures. Where will you be transported to? An archaeological dig site, a tower to recover lost inheritance, a festival, or a classic dungeon…time will tell… 

Past Adventures

The types of adventures that have been held at our past events are listed below.

Adventure – Title and DescriptionLevelAges
In the eye of the Aberration. This is not a time for heroes; heroes make mistakes. What it is, is a time for the competent. When the lands are threatened by a monster so bad, it’s description alone puts fear into the boldest of heroes, it is time to call in the best. But can the best available make a difference? This adventure is a game of tactics, planning and almost certain death. It contains fantasy violence. Level 5All ages (parental discretion)
Born to be Wylde. The wizard Rutherfax has been having some trouble contacting his old friend, the wonderfully eccentric wizard Egaron. Egaron was supposed to take tea with Rutherfax, but that was 3 days ago. Rutherfax has called you in, offering to pay you handsomely in gold, jewels, or magic scrolls, if you will go and make sure his friend is safe. Also, please remind Egaron that he was supposed to meet Rutherfax 3 days ago. Born to be Wylde take place in Keith’s homebrew world of Eirea. It is a journey into magic, mystery and the lands of the Fae folk known as the Tuatha Dé Danann. The adventure focuses on puzzles and roleplay with a small amount of combat mixed in.Level 3All ages (parental discretion)
Dungeon Heist. Years of training and support from your mentors has seen you and your talented team of warriors hired at last by the great patron of adventurers himself, Volothamp Geddarm (Volo for short)! In the heart of the great city of Waterdeep, your team’s goal is clear: you have just three hours to dive into the legendary dungeon of Undermountain, work your way past monsters and hazards, and collect what clues you can to claim and escape with powerful magical treasures from below. Rewards of fame, fortune and further missions for your great mentor are yours if you succeed, but will you make it out in time – and alive? This module is a mix of role play, exploration and combat. It is tailored as an introductory game towards players new to D&D.Level 2All ages (parental discretion)
Finiar’s Fine Wine. It is no secret that Finiar, the local lord, enjoys his indulgence of fine wine. Imagine his chagrin when, Alas!, the recent batches supplied to his favourite tavern have been all but vinegar. What a pickle for Tavern keeper, Dennis the Lantern. With a fear of losing his most valuable and, let’s face it, richest customer, Dennis will pay you and your fellow adventurers handsomely if you can uncover why this travesty has occurred and fix it! This adventure is a mixture of exploration and combat.Level 1All ages (parental discretion)
Snake Temple. Twenty years ago, settlers set forth from Neverwinter in search of a place to build a new settlement. They found it, fertile lands unclaimed by humanoids. Some would call it the find of a lifetime. The settlers called it New Winter. Then, after years of hard work and abundant crops bringing prosperity and trade to New Winter, the settlers started to fall ill. Not long after, those who traded with the folk of New Winter have also started to fall ill, resulting in a quarantine. Clerics of many faiths have made their way to the town to heal the settlers, but to no avail. Anyone healed would become ill once again after no more than a week. Could this possibly be a curse from an evil god? You and your band of adventurers are on the wrong side of the quarantine. You have been sent to an abandoned Yuan-ti temple in a nearby swamp, the best chance to solve the mystery and possibly the best chance for survival. Will you muster your strength and quieten your fears to enter the temple of an evil God? This adventure is a mixture of roleplay and combat. Level 5All ages (parental discretion)
Just Another Day At Sala’s. Someone has broken into Sala Pritina’s Tavern, Sala’s, in the small town of Orlbar. Two large buckets of her famous clam chowder has been stolen, along with her entire supply of wheat mash liquor acquired from Loudwater. Sala, of course, is furious! She has once again contracted Adventurers to hunt down the culprit and return her goods. This module is a mix of roleplay and combat. Beginner friendlyLevel 2All ages (parental discretion)
Krystal’s Ball. The most important social gathering of the year is almost upon us. Your party has been hired to ensure the security of the event is indefectibly tight as can be. The great wizard Krystal Arnion is a special guest and it is up to you to ensure her safe attendance is of paramount importance. Are you up to the task? What could possibly go wrong? This adventure is a mixture of role play and possible combaLevel 3All ages (parental discretion)
Once upon a time in the West. It’s a sweet gig – all you gotta do is safely escort the wagon across the Tierra Del Fuego plains to New Providence and you’ll be paid a cool 1000GP. There is only one problem…You may face some of the Bandito gangs…and maybe some giant scorpions…maybe dire wolves… It’s nothing you can’t handle right…? Right? Once Upon a Time in the West takes place in Keith’s own homebrew weird west setting. It involves a mixture of Puzzles, Combat and Role PlayLevel 3All ages (parental discretion)
The Festival. After what seemed like a never-ending summer, winter has finally come. With it comes the Festival of First Snow, a celebration of the year that has passed, a most joyous occasion. Your party has decided to put their feet up and enjoy some food and games, provided nothing goes wrong…This adventure is a mixture of role play, puzzles, and combat.Level 3All ages (parental discretion)
Welcome to the Frozen North. Icewind Dale has become trapped in a perpetual winter. Ferocious blizzards make the mountain pass through the Spine of the World exceedingly treacherous, and this land has not felt the warmth of the sun in over 2 years. Adventurers find themselves in the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale looking for work. This is an all-day adventure which can lead players in almost any direction. This module is a mixture of role play and combat.Level 1All ages (parental discretion – some horror themes)
The Brunch Bunch. It is Saturday at Ravenwood Academy for adventurers and your adventuring party, The Brewseekeres, have all found yourself in Saturday detention. There shouldn’t be anyone else at school as everyone should be out adventuring, yet you are not here by yourselves. There is someone, or something, in the school with you. Set in modern fantasy, it is up to you to discover who the mystery character is in the school, confront them, and maybe even…fight them? All without being caught by Vice Principal Roor. This module is a mixture of role play, puzzle solving and maybe even combat.level 518+
The lost days of Yuris. Yuris, an university town with a long and meritorious history, has been having a problem. Days have been going missing – and this isn’t due to the ale the academics might have consumed. Something is siphoning memories from the inhabitants. The academic council think they have located the source of this siphon and need brave adventurers to investigate.This module is a mixture of puzzles, combat and role play.Level 518+
Whisper in the woods. Over a campfire breakfast in the forest, you realise that you and your fellow party members were all visited by strange dreams overnight. Each of you experienced it differently; different settings, different sensations, different imagery, but all with one thing in common: a whispered plea for help. This module is a mixture of Roleplay, puzzles and combat.Level 418+


Special thanks to our sponsors who provided gifts and prizes at our 31st of July event. Our sponsors were:

Some of the gifts that have been provided by sponsors in the past include:

Feedback from our players

Our resident DMs are experienced in the art of storytelling, are enthusiastic in the adventures they run and are also really good at improv, because as much as one can prepare an adventure, there is always a surprise, or two, that awaits! But you don’t need to believe us, here is what players are saying about our resident DMs.

Our resident DMs


The very first set of dice I owed came with the DnD Basic set and you had to colour in the numbers with a crayon. Since those heady primary school days I’ve played and DM’d on and off my whole life, although completely skipping 4th edition (oops). Digital DnD has let me expand my empire…. I mean, enjoy sharing this game with even more enthusiasts all over the world. I like to think of myself as a storyteller more than anything else, and DnD is a path to building collaborative stories with so many amazing people.

DM style: A mix of role play, combat, puzzles and above all storytelling.
Advice for New DnD Players: Ask questions, experiment, play. Everyone should be there to have fun and support each other. If a group doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t play the kind of game you want to, it’s ok to tell them and if you have to leave and find a new group, that’s ok too.
Find me at: Collector Con, Hall of Heroes Campbeltown, online (I AM in the computer!), Campbelltown Library DnD, and streaming on Twitch!


I’ve played and DM’d role-playing games for over 30 years. I’m a theatre-maker and educator for 20 of those years, now blessed to be working in my home town Penrith at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. I’ve enjoyed experiences with all 5 editions of D&D and have played / ran a bunch of other rig’s in that time. I recently established Role Play Experience to run RPG’s and workshops for friendship groups and organisations, in order to develop creativity, build collaboration skills and create memorable experiences in the community.

DM style: Structured multi-path storyline encouraging player driven storytelling choices & improv, RP & teamwork important, mix with combat and explore based on the style of game.
Advice for New DnD players: Dive in and learn through play – be creative, ask questions, try things. A great group will guide you and help you learn the rules as you go.
Find me at: CollectorCon, Penrith Library games (ages 12-16), Role Play Experience games / workshops and on Facebook at Role Play Experience.


I was a complete nerd in the 80s, a shy teen who discovered I could escape the real world within the game of Dungeons and Dragons. I have played all editions of the game except fourth edition. During my life I have backpacked the world, trained as an actor and singer, run a small film production business, worked in numerous jobs, sometimes four at a time, become a Justice of the Peace, wrote a film script, and now fight my disabilities whilst writing a fantasy novel. All that life experience and training goes into DMing my D&D games in a way that is hopefully fun for all involved.

DM style: Some structure, lots of Improv
Advice for new players: Don’t worry so much about the rules, we will let you know those. just have fun
Find me at: at the D&D Overlord desk at Collector Con events and in the D&D NSW Facebook group.

Our next event in Campbelltown on Sunday 18th of September 2022

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