Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)

Participate in D&D at Collector Con

Our resident DMs, will take you on a campaign of D&D. Whether you are a seasoned player or this is your first time, you are welcome to participate.

Express your interest in attending below.

Campaign Info

Collector Con is open from 9.00am until 2.30pm and D&D campaigns run from 10.00am until 2.00pm. There will be a break to stretch your legs, go for a wander to check out the event and purchase some food from the cafe if you are hungry.

To get the campaign off to a quick start, characters will be pre-generated by the DMs.

For our new-comers to D&D, some dice and minis will be available for use. For those that have your own dice, stationary and rolling mats, you are most welcome to bring them.

Register for D&D at Collector Con

While there is no cost to participating in D&D at Collector Con, there is an admission fee for entry to Collector Con that can be paid on the day or in advance.

Contact the Collector Con team

0449 656 308

See you at Collector Con:

– 29 March at Penrith
– 31 May at Campbelltown
– 13 September at Penrith
– 29 November at Campbelltown