Cosplay Guidelines

Can I come to Collector Con in Cosplay?

Yes! We look forward to seeing attendees get into the spirit of cosplay! Those attending in cosplay will help add to the atmosphere of our exciting event. The event is a family-friendly event, so please make sure your dress and behaviour is suitable. Our Cosplay Guidelines are listed below.

Cosplay Etiquette

  • Always ask permission before taking a photo or video with or of a cosplayer
  • Please respect all cosplayers and attendees. 
  • If you or someone you know is being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable, please urgently inform a Collectorcon or venue staff member. 

Dress Guidelines

  • All clothing and costumes should be family-friendly.
  • A wristband will be provided to you on entry. It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure that a wristband can be placed directly on your wrist. 
  • If your costume is bulky, you must have at least one person with you to act as a guide/helper. 
  • Attire or costumes that are not permitted include those with profanities or sexual acts, adult fetish attire, costumes that incite hate crimes, including emblems, or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity. 
  • Nudity is not permitted and precautions should be taken beneath costumes to avoid accidental exposure in the event of a wardrobe malfunction. 
  • Our venues have dress regulations that need to be adhered to. For example Western Suburbs Leagues Club dress guidelines – anyone wishing to enter the club for meals, drinks or gaming machines either before or after the event must remove all face coverings including but not limited to masks, face paint or novelty headwear.
  • Any attendees wearing clothing and/or costumes that are deemed inappropriate by the venue and/or Collector Con may be asked to change outfits or leave the event. 

Prop Guidelines

  • All props should be small and lightweight. 
  • Any props deemed inappropriate must be left in your vehicle. There is no storage at the venue, so if in doubt, leave it at home. 
  • No weapon play allowed. 

The following items are banned and prohibited from being brought into the venue and Collector Con: 

  • Weaponry, including realistic imitation props, projectile weapons or sharp weapons. Heavy tools, power tools, pressurised containers, gas cylinders, glass bottles , laser pointers, silly string, drones and any items restricted or prohibited from being carried by law.
  • Other props deemed not suitable by the venue and/or Collector Con

Attendance at Collector Con must not be used as a defence to carry an item listed above. No exceptions.

Collector Con may give permission for an exhibitor to bring an item listed above for the purposes of promotion. In these cases, approval must also be given by the venue. Exhibitors are to produce such items to be checked by security on arrival. 

If you have any questions about the Cosplay Guidelines and Etiquette, please contact the Collector Con team.